19 April 2008

Flower Power :D

Insigna Funky Monkey facuta special pentru Otto.

18 April 2008

Flower Power

Va astept cu mare drag la targul din Gradina Green Hours unde veti gasi si accesoriile Funky Monkey. :) 15 artisti cu accesorii unicat, atmosfera de sarbatoare (ca doar vin Floriile :p) si intrarea libera. :)

15 April 2008

Vintage 4

Green Flower Brooch 25 lei
Red Flower Brooch 20 lei
Brown Little Guy 20 lei REZERVAT
Black Guy 20 lei
Same old brooch from a picture below, a little bit modified. 20 lei

Brose fetru 3

Flower Brooch 15 lei
Jack, Charlie's uncle, 25 lei (I decided to keep Charlie for me so he's no longer for sale.)
Charlie and Jack swimming.

20 lei Tv Live

13 April 2008

Brose vintage 2

Angry bulldog. His name is Spike and he bites!
Ladies, this is Charlie and he hates Spike.
Just smile and wave, smile and wave...:)
Charlie bit me!!!

Vintage Brooches


Brosa roz cu albastru-vanduta